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Top Performers

Gian Sohil Sonaria
Miya Manoj
Arjun Sudeep
Muhammad Ridhan M
Dhruv V S
Hashir A
Parvathi V K
Devna Shijith
Hrutvi A
Ayisha Sanva N K
Mikhael Joseph Charly
Muhammed Ramzan T P
Muhammed Alfin P A
Vijual A k
Aavani Arun Nambiar
Irene Mariam Jins
Jia Mehak K T
Aarav U
Hiran Madhav
Dwani P Arun
Hamna Shiraz
Avanthika Vibin
Agnimithr S

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• Toffee Ride has exercised utmost diligence and care in the conduct of the Toffee Ride Genius One Contest in terms of the preparation of questions, the conduct of quiz sessions, the evaluation of responses and the publication of results. However, the process is neither perfect nor comprehensive, and the performance in this contest is not a measure of the child's potential.

• The evaluation of the responses has been conducted based on a well-defined and fair process, and all decisions are final. As a policy, Toffee Ride will announce only the names of the students who got qualified to the next round and we will not be sharing the rank or score of the individual student for the preliminary level.

• Credits given to winners/top performers will have only limited validity. Any extension of the validity period shall be at the sole discretion of Toffee Ride. The credits shall be used only for the specific purposes for which they are granted. The credits will not be converted to cash or cash equivalents under any circumstances.